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Fairtrade is an alternative approach of doing business, built on a partnership between farmers and consumers and a voluntary certification system. Fairtrade sets out to ensure fairer price and better working conditions for farmers who sell their products through producers/manufacturers. Economic, Social, Environmental, and Autonomy are the four criteria for the Fairtrade label controlled by Flocert, an independent certification body. We are committed to promoting and helping the farming community. And, we are proud to have received the Fairtrade certification for complying with the standards set forth by Flocert.

We support local Gherkin Industries

It was a real challenge to revive gherkin farming in both France and Switzerland. However, the concept of going back to eating local produce was extremely popular amongst consumers. And we couldn’t have done it without the support of dedicated farmers!

We have been awarded FairTrade certification

In 2016, we obtained the Fairtrade certification for the production of baby corn, harvested by over 500 farmers spread across two cooperatives. Around 350-400 tons of Fairtrade baby corn are now produced yearly. In 2018, the creation of a new farmers’ cooperative of gherkins was put forward and we became the first producer of Fairtrade certified gherkins and baby corns in India.
For 2019, we have produced 1,000 tons of gherkins under Fairtrade with three cooperatives.

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