Energy and Resource Management

Our vision of sustainable development is not limited to the environment alone. Over and above our eco-friendly measures, our sustainability policies also encompass resource management, consumer awareness, and human relations. We are committed to waste recycling and reduction while also making conscious efforts to reduce consumption of water, fossil fuel and electricity across all segments of our operations. We also guide consumers towards responsible consumption, and our BPA-free project is a testimony for it. At Reitzel India, we believe sustainability and resource management begins right from the field. Our inclusive approach ensures welfare of the farming community, upholds social equality, inculcates sustainable agriculture, and instils environment-friendly practices. Some of our steps towards energy and resource management are:


Almost 2,500 metric tons of organic waste is generated by Reitzel India every year. We set up the composting project with the objective to turn this waste into compost and distribute it to farmers to replace and reduce the usage of chemical fertilizers.

Drip irrigation​

We facilitate installation of drip irrigation systems with the objective to optimise water consumption in farms. Drip irrigation allows farmers to increase productivity while saving a significant amount of water. We initiated this programme to promote and deliver drip irrigation systems to farmers through government subsidy scheme, and targeted approximately 125 farmers, covering a total of 90 acres of cultivated area.

Organic trials​

We aim to develop an organic production model in India for gherkin cultivation. The objectives of this model are zero chemicals, increased quality, and added value to farmers for the harvested crop that will be certified as organic products. We also aim to promote healthy eating through this initiative.

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