Seeds to Fork

The story of good pickle begins in the field. So, we strive to improve agricultural practices by providing necessary support to the farming community and ensuring total traceability from seed to fork.

We started a contract farming model in 2004. This model guarantees income for farmers based on fixed rates agreed between them and us for one entire crop cycle. We provide required inputs at the farmer’s doorstep and the best of technical expertise to ensure that the practices designed by us are strictly followed in the field. After harvest, we collect the crops directly from the farms and pay the farmers on a fortnightly basis. 

Currently, we operate in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu and have 16 production centres, 6,000 farmers, with more than 99 crop specialists under this model.

The journey of your pickle

Our contract farming model has four golden rules

Multiple Crops

Offer multiple crops to promote the practice of crop rotation and benefit farmers from diverse crop production

Drip Irrigation

Promote drip irrigation systems as a part of sustainable agriculture

Safety Equipment

Provide safety equipment (PPE) to each farmer for crop protection.

Technical Expertise

Provide technical expertise to support farmers while also ensuring they adhere to the practices designed by us.

Our commitment to more responsible farming


At Reitzel, we ensure total traceability from seed distribution, input usage, harvesting by farmers, and production process up to final delivery of products to customers worldwide. We document the activities of farmers and also carry out regular field audits to ensure implementation of good practices in the fields and traceability from farm to factory.

Product Development

We have developed a culture of continuous innovation in taste, quality and product line to delight our consumers across the world. Being in the industry for over 100 years, we have witnessed requests stemming from the ever-changing market and evolving customer needs. Our research and development team continuously strives to ensure our products are at par with the needs of customers inclusive of taste, quality and nutrition.

We are committed to product development activities across three categories – industrial customers, retail customers and food service customers for both regional and international markets. It is a collective and on-going effort by all the subsidiaries of the Reitzel group to develop new products by sharing product know-how with each other. All our development activities are done alongside our constant quest to reduce environmental impact and to improve the sustainability of our manufacturing process, in line with our philosophy.

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